Why don't you have sheets on your bed :/
Asked by Anonymous

BECAUSE my sister let the dog come into the room this morning and he always gets weirdly excited to see me and he pisses a little like an old man so im washing everything 

why are you leaving your hunty kingdom jovan didn't you just get there
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yeah but we’re moving probably closer into hte city into a smaller.. house.. I don’t want to think about it 


there are people viewing the house so i have to stay home.. when will i get my bubble tea



i just watched that episode of atla when katara yells “you can’t knock me down!” and i started laughing so hard bc like. i hate jovan.


I want bubble tea 

can you please tell me why you are more attractive than me like???
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angles and lighting maybe 


never upset the 15 year olds their fursonas are powerful and they will attack like lions in the savannah