i don’t follow enough male model blogs maybe thats why i’ve been feeling extra asexual aromantic recently 

Jovan honestly what would you do if you ever came face to face with Zayn would you ask him for a picture??
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Duh… I’d get a selfie with him and maybe die after.. 

ok so I know this might be crazy to you but I see a lot of avatar stuff and lok but I'm not really sure what that is? it looks like a really good show and I'd love to watch it but where do you watch it?
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any LOK or ATLA blogs you recommend we follow? not just pics/gifs but like thoughts or text posts
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are the first 3 I can think of and my Korra Resources basically 


I really would suck the cum out of Zayn’s asshole like a King sipping from a chalice Zayn really does just look so good I want him to beat me with his Divine Right that is his meat scepter why does Zayn Malik look so damn good I’ll never get over it 


List of cool nerds


shockturtle, chibibuizel, bltknight, shockturtle, drunksparce, shockturtle, castlevan1a (idk who this is he claims to not be tom but idk), megacharizardxxx, shockturtle, cyndankun, nargacutie, plesioths (whos this nerd), @deviljhoes (who doesnt pop up as a user for some reason), shockturtle, shellyshockz (wow nice url kinda sounds familiar), ya-ssui (whos this nerd i just found him), ra-ttarie (pretty sure its the prev nerds bf), shockturtle, katara, musicalcombusken (or mcllaneous. whatever sinks the boat) shockturtle

tldr: i just typed stuff

I need some help here I am 15 a girl and I have thick thighs when i sit down they go flat it makes me sad my dad told me I was fat too I am 5.3 and I weigh 134 pounds is he right or
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no? whos thighs dont look huge when they sit i could eat dinner off of mine… you’re fine your dad is an ass