wait i thought you were a twink. like i thought you were a twink who collected other twinks. a twink cannibal.
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Just give it some time then you'll eventually fully evolve into your final tw*nk form
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leave me alone I’ll never be a twink

jovan i just gained like 10 lbs help me
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do u need the 10lbs or is it 10lbs u dont want cuz .. i just had a donut and mcdonalds and im just gonna work out i suggest u do the same tomorrow 

Drag ha, Nicole
what happen with you and eli metapod i thought you were gonna be the one to finally break him away from his geriatric boyfriend
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i started going out with the boy ive been in love with for a year yesterday and i thought id share this milestone except he lives 3000 miles away
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That’s still cute make sure he doesn’t send nudes to anyone else