ur my fave tbh I love how you keep getting dragged up and down this site and you still just do ur thing
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LMAO thanks 




if you like oreimo: why?

hunter x hunter fucking sucks bro


diancie im guessing you want me to get on pokemon? hurry up and login 

Jovan I have like a serious question bc you (seem) to have tons of friends on tumblr and talk to a ton of people and i know its just the internet but I have such anxiety towards even talking to people like i wish I could make friends with people but i just feel like im going to get hella shit talked like idk. Any advice?
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oh umm hmmm… well most of them probably shit talk me tbh its something people do i just dont think about it i like being friends with everyone even people that annoy me idk why i need to love myself a little more but just like. dont think about the negative parts? just go for it :x 


today’s hq_69min theme was sharing food and hinata is confirmed for a hamster

I CAN’T DRAW BACKGROUNDS especially when i’m in a rush


The Legend Of Kardashian



what is jovan doing is it the chemical?

Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be


snorunt liked your post: coalgirls: katara: when you know you…

every time i use that pic i think of u laughing